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# Predict single matches to play daily bets

The Daily Bet takes place as soon as there are a number of playable matches. From 5 hours after the official start time, the result is given and shortly afterwards any winnings are paid out.

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Active leagues: Some of these may not be playable. You can bet until 30 % remains of the total rounds.

How much can you win

You pay only 10 percent of the real value of your CFD. Buy your CFD and beat the index. Indexes change all the time and are based on how everyone play. First, arrange the table as you think it will end when the last match is played in the final round. In step two, you predict how each match ends, with 1, X or 2. These two parameters affect your CFD. The better, the more you earn. You can follow a chart of how your CFD is doing after each match. The value of a CFD increases exponentially with each round. If you are skilled, the dividend can be extremely high.

How can 100 Euro become over 4,8 million Euro?
This is an example if someone beats the Site Index by an average of 25%
You buy your CFD before the first round. Your CFD is worth 1,000 Euro but you only pay 100 Euro. This means that you only risk your 10 percent, but any profit is calculated on 100 percent. Your CFD in this example applies to the English Premier League, where the series is played in 38 rounds. You are 25 percent above the Site Index by an average when the last round is finished.
A few other CFDs are above the index. Your CFD expires, so what can its potential value be?
100 euros after 38 rounds is worth just over 4,8 million euro!

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How to bet and buy your CFD

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  • Click New Bet in the menu or here
  • Select serie
    Note! You can buy as many CFDs in the same serie as you like
  • Arrange the serie table
    According to how you think the table will look after the last match in the final round.
  • Predict the individual matches
    You do not have to play all the matches immediately. Every match can be played single, half and fully covered.
    You can play a match up to 1 hour before the start.
    You can always change results in matches that have at least 1 hour left until the start.
  • CFD Betting Education

This is how CFD works

Contract For Differences (CFD) gives investors the opportunity to take advantage of movements in accuracy of predicting results. It is a relatively simple calculation of the prediction's movement between entry and exit. It only calculates the change without regard to how accurate accuracy you achieve. This is achieved through an agreement between customer and broker and does not use any stock, currency, commodity or futures exchange. Trading CFDs offers several major benefits that have increased the huge popularity of the instruments over the last decade.