Rules for CFDBetting and Play of the day

The rules and regulations are divided into General and Category for ease of understanding. Both General and Category rules and regulations will be referred to as rules and regulations. It is important that you make yourself aware of these rules and regulations. In addition to these rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are part of the agreement between you and us. Terms and Conditions shall apply and all definitions from those terms and conditions shall apply to these rules and regulations. If there are differences between the English original version and the translated version of this text the English version apply.

1. Terms and Conditions

To use this service, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 18, CFDBetting will confiscate any winnings and cancel all placed bets.

CFDBetting has the right to revise and update the rules and regulations at any time. The CFD client is responsible to keep himself/herself updated of the current valid provisions. With the conclusion of a CFD the client accepts the validity and applicability of the present provisions in the respective valid version. CFDBetting reserves the right to refuse personal account applications, to refuse the acceptance of CFDs, or to limit the amount of CFDs; without obligation of providing reason. No person or household will be allowed to have more than one CFDBetting account. CFDBetting reserves the right to terminate multiple accounts. CFDBetting reserves the right to trace double accounts and to terminate them. In this case all relevant data will be transferred to the most active account of the respective client. If a customer is found to have more than one account and have placed identical CFDs with the two accounts the client will instantly be revoked of his/her client privileges which might result in confiscation of winnings and/or cancellation of all placed CFDs (even decided ones). CFDBetting does not accept CFDs when it is likely that customers act in agreement, or as a syndicate. Placing identical CFDs from more than one account and from the same IP address might be considered a syndicate even if the personal limits has not been reached. Syndicate CFDs is considered as fraud and may lead to reduction of CFD limits, closing of account, confiscation of winnings and/or cancellation of all placed CFDs (even decided ones). Legal action may also be considered. CFDBetting does not assume liability for transmitted errors of CFD data and results. No claim for damages can in any instance be made because of incorrect, delayed, manipulated or abusive transfer of data on the internet or because of other transmission errors of data and results. CFDBetting has at its absolute discretion the right to correct any palpable errors and to take the necessary steps to provide a fair service for its clients. A palpable error could be any incorrect information published in regard to an event. For example, incorrectly (reversed) setup handicap, wrong team/teams/participants, incorrect deadlines or technical errors etc. We also reserve the right to correct obvious errors with the input of CFD odds and/or the evaluation of CFD results even after the event - or to declare affected CFDs void. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they place their CFDs correctly. The CFDbetting client is responsible for the confidentiality of the personal accounts details and access information. CFDBetting is not liable for CFDs which are concluded by third parties who get to know this information or any other account tampering due to client negligence. It is the responsibility of the CFD client to instantly report each amount mistakenly credited to his account. All winnings occurring as a result such error are invalid under whatever circumstances they occurred. The CFD is invalid if the actual date or time of the CFD or necessary personal data of the CFDbetting client are missing due to transmission errors. The CFD is paid back. CFDs which are accepted after the beginning of a game or an event are also declared invalid. In case a user places several identical CFDs (also combinations of single and multiple CFDs) for which the total winnings exceed the winnings limit per CFD then CFDBetting has the right to reduce the CFD to comply with the winnings limits. In case of fraud or attempted fraud especially regarding the placement of CFDs the CFDbetting client will instantly be revoked of his/her client privileges. CFDs from bookmakers as well as betting agents are not accepted. CFDs on events in which the user is participating in the sport event (e.g. as a participating sportsman, as an owner, trainer or functionary of a participating club) are not permitted. In case this provision is not complied with, CFDBetting is authorized to refuse payment of any winnings, and to cancel the CFD or CFDs even after the CFD has been settled. If, for some reason, an Event occurs that is unclear or not covered by the rules and regulations including Event/Market Specific Rules on the Event or Market pages of the Website, CFDBetting reserves the right to decide the outcome of each event on a case-by-case basis. All CFDs sent to the Manual Review function may be rejected, partially accepted or fully accepted regardless of how the request is made. CFDBetting reserves the right to determine all limits for each individual client and CFD. The limit on how much a CFD can be worth consists of how much has been invested in each league in total and the number of CFDs that beat the Site Index. Expired CDFs are valued as a percentage depending on success.

2. Cashout

We may, at our absolute discretion, allow you to take a return on a wager you have made before settlement of the market on which the wager was placed (Cashout). Cashout may be available on selected pre-match and In-Play sports markets via the internet, iPhone and Android app only. Cashout may not be available at all times. Cashout is available for fixed odds wagers only. Cashout is not available for:

  • Wagers placed with free CFDs or risk free CFDs; or
  • Multi wagers, unless each individual leg or event within that multi wager is available for Cashout; or
  • System CFDs.
A predetermined settlement value (Cashout Price) may be offered based upon the selections, prizes taken and the current status of the wagering transaction. Loans, interest and rake are always deducted and the remaining amount is balanced against your account. Cashout may not be available for certain wagers placed on pre-match markets, where the event or match has already commenced (is in-play). For multi wagers, Cashout may not be available if any leg of the wager has been placed on a pre-match market and the event or match relating to such leg has already commenced (is in-play). To Cashout a wager you must select “Confirm Cashout” or “Confirm” (a Cashout Request). You cannot cancel a Cashout Request once it has been confirmed. We may, at our absolute discretion, choose to accept or decline a Cashout Request. A Cashout Request may not be accepted for reasons including but not limited to a change in odds or the suspension of a market (including any leg of a multi wager). Where a Cashout Request has been accepted:

  • Your original CFD will come to an end (be Cashed Out);
  • We will pay you the Cashout Price;
  • The original CFD will be deemed to have been settled and we will have no further obligation to you in respect of the original wager. You will not receive any payout, dividend or refund in relation to the Cashed Out wager; and
  • The occurrence or non-occurrence of the event(s) on which the original wager was placed will not create any additional rights or obligations to or for you.
The acceptance of a Cashout Request does not represent a new wager, it is an agreement to end the original wager early. The Cashout Price is inclusive of your original stake. The Cashout Price is non-negotiable and will not exceed the value of the original estimated return. You will not be eligible for any Bonuses or any other promotions in relation to wagers that have been successfully Cashed Out. Any wager which is Cashed Out will not be considered a wager for the purposes of meeting any turnover or wagering requirements for Bonuses, rewards, prizes, or any tasks necessary to fulfil a campaign or promotional offering. In the event that a Cashout Request has been accepted in error (including where a Cashout Price has been incorrectly offered) or an amount has been incorrectly credited to Your account in connection with a wager that has been Cashed Out, We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to adjust the account to the extent necessary to rectify the error or the incorrect credit. Such adjustment may include:

  • settling the Cashout Request for an amount equal to the Cashout Price which would have been available in the absence of such error; or
  • reversing the Cashout Request and settling the wager on the original wager instructions.
If, as a result of any such adjustment, the account goes into debit, we may recover from your account, as a debt due, the amount of the deficiency in the account.
We reserve the right to suspend, amend, restrict or cease to offer Cashout at any time, on any market or to any customer, without providing a reason or advance notification, even where Cashout has been advertised to a customer as being available. We are not liable for any losses which may arise in connection with Cashout not being available to a Customer, even in circumstances where Cashout has been advertised as being available for a particular event or at a particular time. We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to void the original wager which was Cashed Out, refuse to Cashout a wager, or require repayment of any amounts paid by Us in respect of the original wager (including the Cashout Price) where:

  • We reasonably suspect a wager or Cashout Request has been made by any individual or group of people (including, but not limited to relatives, organisations, bookmakers and their employees) acting together either in an attempt to defraud Us; or
  • The original wager or the Cashout Request was made after the relevant event has finished; or
  • Where we are otherwise entitled to void the original wager or require repayment under these Rules.
You acknowledge and accept that circumstances within or beyond Our control may prevent, limit or delay the operation of Cashout, and that We will not be liable to any person for any loss incurred or sustained in connection with or as a result of:

  • Cashout being unavailable or delayed; and/or
  • Any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, by you, any customer or other third party, in connection with Cashout.
We are not liable for any losses which may arise in connection with a Customer’s use of the Cashout feature or a Cashout Request being accepted or declined by us. Where a Customer has placed a wager on a market that was not available for Cashout at the time the wager was placed by the customer, the customer will not be able to make a Cashout Request in relation to that wager, even if we subsequently make Cashout available on that market. Scoreboard services and other third-party information streams or provisions are provided for guidance only. We do not accept any liability for any CFDs cashed out based on information provided by these services.

4. CFD Builder Rules

Any postponed events will be voided unless continued within 48 hours of kick-off time If any individual selection is void, or a player in the CFD does not take any part in the match, then the whole CFD will be made void. For any obvious pricing errors, we reserve the right to cancel any CFDs placed at that wrong price.

5. General rules

CFDBetting will attempt to close the events, i.e. settle markets, as soon as possible after event completion, but will not make any guarantees for maximum delays. When the result of a CFD determined before the event is complete will be settled as per our rules even if the event is abandoned or the length of the event is shortened for whatever reason. In case of contradictions between the rules and regulations and other parts of the Agreement for Clients the following order of priority shall apply (1 overrules 2 & 3 etc.):

  • 1. Event/Market Specific Rules
  • 2. Rules and regulations
  • 3. Terms and conditions

6. Forced termination

If the value of the CFD is less than the loan amount, the customer is aware that the CFD will end automatically, without the possibility of reopening, and that no deposited values will be repaid.

The customer is obliged to update himself after each match about the value of his CFD and that it does not fall below the lent amount. If the CFD falls below the loan amount, the customer can choose to:
a. allow the CFD to be automatically terminated, without repayment of previously deposited amounts.
b. make an extra deposit so that the CFD value is in balance.

7. Cancellations

All related CFDs to cancelled events will be void, and the stakes will be transferred back to involved parties. Multiple CFDs will be calculated again excluding the event that was abandoned.

8. Other

a. CFDBetting reserves the right, at its own discretion, to declare a CFD void, totally or partly, if it is obvious that: the result of an event becomes publicly known before the end of the event; CFDs have been offered, placed and/or accepted due to an error.
b. All offers of any kind can only be used once per person and family, where nothing else is clearly stated. In case of violation of this, the client's account will be closed immediately and any games will be confiscated without the right to a refund.

9. Daily Bet / Play of the day

The Play of the day has only groups with variable winning amounts. 90% of the total bets are allocated to the winners. The winners are divided into four groups. The first group receiving 40%, the second group 15%, the third group 12% and the fourth group 25% of the allocated amount. The first group includes the games containing all the matches correctly, the second group the games containing 1 incorrect result, the third group the games containing 2 incorrect results and the fourth group the games containing 3 incorrect results. A game can be included in a maximum of one group in one and the same round.

If a match is not played, has not ended, if there is a dispute or something else that makes a result difficult to determine, 5 hours after the official start time, the match ends automatically. The result at that time is counted as the final result in the specific round. If there is no result at all, the match will be decided by a random generator to a result that applies in the specific round. Any decision of this kind cannot be appealed or changed.

Bets received later than 1 hour before the actual start - regardless of the official start time - of any match in the round will be declared void and any winnings will be confiscated. In case of suspicion of intent to delay, the account is closed immediately and the account holder is reported to the relevant authority.