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Each single row costs 0.5 euros. You can also play more than one result in a singel match, for a system. For example with 13 matches, if you mark 7 single matches, half cover 4 matches and fully cover 2 matches, there will be 144 single rows. In that case, that particular system costs 72 euros (0.50 x 144). If you are right in all matches, you win on 1 row with 13 right, 8 rows with 12 right, 26 rows with 11 right and 44 rows with 10 right.


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Country League Start Home Away 1 X 2
1.   Allsvenskan 16 May Sirius Göteborg
2.   Allsvenskan 16 May Malmö GAIS
3.   La Liga 16 May Las Palmas Betis
4.   La Liga 16 May Almería Barcelona
5.   Serie A 17 May Fiorentina Napoli
6.   Bundesliga 18 May 1899 Hoffenh Bayern Münch
7.   Bundesliga 18 May Bayer Leverk FC Augsburg
8.   Bundesliga 18 May VfB Stuttgar Bor. Mönchen
9.   Bundesliga 18 May VfL Wolfsbur Mainz
10.   Bundesliga 18 May Heidenheim Köln
11.   Bundesliga 18 May Eintracht Fr RB Leipzig
12.   Bundesliga 18 May Werder Breme VfL Bochum
13.   Bundesliga 18 May Union Berlin SC Freiburg

Note! If a match is not played, has not ended, if there is a dispute or something else that makes a result difficult to determine, 5 hours after the official start time, the match ends automatically. The result at that time is counted as the final result in this specific game. If there is no result at all, the match will be decided by a random generator to a result that applies in this specific game. Any decision of this kind cannot be appealed or changed. Rules