How much can you win

You win when you are more accurate in your predictions than the site index. In that case, you can earn millions if you are really good. This is because the profit increases exponentially with each round.

The payout is calculated as follows
The CFD value is calculated by the ratio between your index and the site index in each round, multiplied by the initial value of your CFD. These values are multiplied exponentially for each round in the current league.

You buy your CFD before the first round. You pay 1,000 Viridi, which is 10 percent of the real value. Your CFDs real value is 10,000 Viridi, which is the value the profit is calculated on. Your CFD applies to the English Premier League with 38 rounds. You are 15 percent above the Site Index after the last round. Your CFD expires, so what's the current value?
Calculate as follows

Round Profit CFD Value Above Index
1 11 500 10 000 15%
2 13 225 11 500 15%
3 15 208 13 225 15%
4 17 490 15 208 15%
---- ---- ---- ----
38 2 025 433 1 761 246 15%
Your invested 1,000 Viridi are, after 38 rounds, worth just over 2 million in the example.

How CFD Betting works

You select a serie, arrange the table, predict the matches. If you beat the index you will make money. It's all against everyone, no mysteries or secrets. It's purely mathematical. Beat the average and you will win. How much you earn depends on how much better you are than the Site Index.

How the Indexes works

Your CFD Index works like this: you get 100 percent accuracy if you have placed a team in the right place. For each incorrect placement, the accuracy is reduced in relation to the total number of teams. The accuracy of your match predictions is calculated on the TOTAL number of matches played so far (gross). Not on how many matches YOU have played (net). The value of your CFD index is calculated on the total accuracy of your gross predictions and how exactly you arranged the league. A CFD purchased after round 1, gives a 0.333 percentage point deduction on your index for each round up to the round of your entry.

The Site Index is affected primarily by the average of all CFDs in the current league, both tables and predictions count. Secondly, it is based on the sum of CFDs percentages above and below the index.

Predict the results in each round and maximize the chance to win big in your CFD. Every correct prediction counts in the end. For that reason, you do not want to miss a bet on a match!

How the CFD Value is calculated

The current CFD value is calculated by the ratio between your index and the site index in each round, multiplied by the initial value of your CFD. These values are multiplied exponentially for each round, from the first (1) to the current round. Your CFD closes automatically when the last match in the last round has been played and the final result has been reported. Then you get the real and final value of your CFD. Loans and interest are deducted and the remaining amount is balanced against your account.

How to buy your CFD

  • 1. Click Buy CFD in the menu or » HERE «
  • 2. Select serie
    Note! You can buy as many CFDs in the same serie as you like
  • 3. Arrange the serie table
    According to how you think the table will look after the last match in the final round.
  • 4. Predict the individual matches
    You do not have to play all the matches immediately. Every match can be played single, half and fully covered.
    You can play a match up to 1 hour before the start.
    You can always change results in matches that have at least 1 hour left until the start.

Why the cryptocurrency Viridi?

The combination of CFD and betting is a completely new product. It would be very difficult to allow fiat currency transactions. People from all over the world are investing in CFD Betting. Currency changes, time zones, exchange rates and much more would be too cumbersome and risky. Absolutely not financially defensible. The solution of using cryptocurrency benefits all parties.


What you buy and how you make money

You pay only 10 percent of the real value of your CFD. The Indexes changes with every match and are based on everyone elses CFDs. Arrange the table as you think it will end when the last match is played in the final round. In step two, you predict how each match ends, with 1, X or 2. These two parameters affect your CFD. If your accuracy is better than the Site Index, you make money. The higher up, the more you earn. After each match in every league, you can follow a chart of how your CFD is doing.

What does it cost

You pay only 10 percent of the value of your CFD. But, all profits you make on your CFD is based on 100 percent of the value. This means that you are granted a loan of the remaining 90 percent. On the loan, you pay an annual interest rate of 5 percent. Because a CFD always expires within a year, ie a football season, you never pay the full interest amount. In order for you to never notice the loan, a micro-payment is made automatically every day (the value of CFD x 5% / 365 days).

Is there any risk

For every point the percentage of the instrument moves in your favour, you gain multiples of the value of the CFD you have bought or sold. For every point the percentage moves against you, you will make a loss.

Betting and making money is always a risk. Unlike all other betting sites, you only risk 10 percent of your bet on CFDs. But if you win, you win 100 percent. In other words, you also win on the money you did not risk. But remember, as with all CFD trading, initially you have coverage of a maximum of 10 percent, ie. if your actual payment is more than 10 percent below the Site Index then your CFD risks ceasing. To prevent this, you need to deposit additional Viridi to cover the greater difference. This can happen, for example, if there are large fluctuations in the table at some point during the season, teams winning or losing that you did not predict. If you think this is only temporary, you can avoid ending your CFD by paying an additional 10 percent of the value of your CFD. Then your loan-to-value ratio is 80 percent and you have coverage to go 20 percent below the index.

This is how CFD works

Contract For Differences (CFD) gives investors the opportunity to take advantage of movements in accuracy of predicting results. It is a relatively simple calculation of the prediction's movement between entry and exit. It only calculates the change without regard to how accurate accuracy you achieve. This is achieved through an agreement between customer and broker and does not use any stock, currency, commodity or futures exchange. Trading CFDs offers several major benefits that have increased the huge popularity of the instruments over the last decade.

All transactions take place in the cryptocurrency Viridi Coin